EMBrace  designed a unique back support device for individuals suffering from diseases of the spine. Unlike existing braces that trade off traction versus mobility, the novel design allows continuous application of the needed traction with unconstrained mobility that allows the user to flex, extend or twist their upper body.

PathEX is creating a dialysis-like device that can capture and remove blood-borne pathogens, including multi-drug resistant variants, and associated toxins for the treatment of sepsis, a deadly condition that affects some 18 million people each year.


A wearable electrical muscle stimulation device used to supplement anticoagulants in DVT prevention. By stimulating the muscles in a way that causes muscle contractions, FlexSpark also decreases the rate of muscle atrophy that occurs in this patient demographic, that often has limited mobility.

Cast21 has designed a light-weight, lattice-structure cast that is breathable and waterproof, eliminating many of the disadvantages of traditional casts. Its design also allows for the integration of electronic therapies to decrease healing time.

A wearable wrist monitor that replaces the traditional call button in hospitals and nursing care facilities. Provides patients with an easily accessible communication device and integrates into a shared dashboard for nurses and administrators, resulting in faster call button response and greater patient satisfaction.

Creates a solution for the management of post-surgical fluid accumulation and the prevention of seroma, a condition that occurs after large flap surgery where fluid accumulates in the dead space between tissue.


Diabetes is a global epidemic that affects almost 400 Million people worldwide and costs the US economy alone almost $250 Billion a year. To properly manage this disease, diabetics need to test their glucose levels several times a day. But the current testing method is inconvenient, painful and expensive. GlucosAlarm is a patent pending glucose sensor that measures sugar levels in urine. The device is placed inside the toilet and it is activated through a smartphone application. It´s easy to use, painless and inexpensive. It fits seamlessly into a patient’s daily routine, allowing the patients to manage their condition, rather than just dealing with its complications.

Each year, some 25 million children visit the emergency room, but  85% of infant visits are classified as non emergencies, and represent an unnecessary burden to the healthcare system. Baby Vitals is a portable mhealth vital measurement device that enables anyone, anywhere to conduct a one minute automated respiratory and rapid vitals exam on a child. The device then delivers these metrics to the pediatrician to enable an immediate remote diagnosis. BabyVitals helps to take the guesswork out of assessing the need for urgent care by providing an accurate snapshot of the child’s condition. This means less trips to the ER and/or the pediatricians office, and more peace of mind for parents.

The problem of patients ripping out their IV lines costs US Hospitals over 150 Million dollars every year. To combat this problem, Lineus Medical has introduced the SafeBreak, a two piece ‘break-away’ adapter that creates a sealed liquid connection between the patient’s access site and the IV tubing. When subjected to a given threshold of tension the device simply separates, sealing off the IV fluid on one side, and preserving the IV site on the other. No blood, no mess.  Safe Break improves the patient experience, mitigates risk of infection, and reduces the hospital’s overall cost of care.

SweetBio has created a patent-pending dissolvable membrane that uses honey, to improve the healing process associated with tooth loss and produce better outcomes. SweetBio is the first to use this naturally antibacterial and wound-healing ingredient in this oral procedures. The SweetBio membrane provides the predictability and superior results that oral surgeons and dentists seek and improves outcomes for the patient.


Blood Monitoring Solutions has created a storage and real-time monitoring system that ensures that blood used in hospitals is kept in the correct temperature range to avoid spoilage. Using constant monitoring and a system of alerts, the system delivers a proactive method for reducing blood spoilage and improving procedure outcomes.

Compression Kinetics is focused on revolutionizing the multibillion-dollar sequential compression devices market. Currently, these compression devices inflate around a patient’s extremities to reduce swelling, increase circulation and prevent blood clots. Compression Kinetics uses smart materials to create a wearable, self-contained package that maximizes patient comfort, increases mobility, and reduces cost. This improves patients’ compliance while optimizing staff efficiency.

EndoInSight provides a novel disposable CO2 insufflation system that reduces pain and decreases recovery time associated with colonoscopy. Patients can get back to being productive in less time, and healthcare providers can be more efficient, while providing a better patient experience.

Innometrix is creating device solutions to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction in urogynecology and female urology. Our approach augments existing diagnostics and treatments by providing powerful objective information to procedures which are largely dependent on clinician skill and art.


Better Walk has created a totally new crutch based on a design that alleviates the pressure and pain commonly experienced by users of the existing underarm crutch. The novel design of the Better Walk crutch changes the weight distribution, resulting in a more comfortable patient experience. This increases compliance and patient satisfaction.

Cuff Protect provides a disposable skin barrier to prevent the spread of infection when using reusable blood pressure cuffs.

Walking around (ambulation) is crucial in the recovery of critical care patients. But with monitors, IV bags and oxygen tanks, this becomes a formidable task. The Mobilizer carries all this equipment making it possible for patients to ambulate with all of their equipment and minimal supervision.

AIS has designed a novel, leadless, partially implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) that overcomes many of the disadvantages of current ICDs.

View Medical has developed the SurgiLight, a novel LED light for surgeons that provides more convenient, more flexible lighting and alleviates the problem of insufficient lighting in deep cavity surgeries.

Health & Bliss has developed a novel strep testing device and method that allows faster, more convenient strep testing without the need to see a doctor.


Restore Medical has invented a modular surgical tray and method that increases speed and efficacy in the reprocessing of sterile surgical instruments, reducing typical processing times by up to one hour, and saving millions of dollars for hospitals and surgery centers.

Using novel nanotechnology, Nanophthalmics has come up with a way to more effectively treat corneal abrasions, leading to faster healing and recovery time for this painful condition.

EcoSurg provides an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional patient positioners used in the 20+ million surgeries performed in the US each year.

Bionanovations has invented a new technology and methodfor rapid detection and monitoring of bacterial infection using bio-nanotechnology. Independent of bacterial culturing, the technology reduces detection time from days to minutes.

HandMinder provides a novel Device and method for more effective rehabilitation of hand function in stroke victims.

Urova Medical has invented a novel way of treating feminine stress urinary incontinence, a condition that affects up to 1 in 3 adult females.