What we do


The ZeroTo510 Medical Device Accelerator is a first-in-kind entrepreneurial accelerator program that focuses on leveraging key regional strengths of the Memphis area: biomedical research and medical device manufacturing.  The goal of ZeroTo510 is to help medical device startups navigate the startup process, refine their business models and complete the Food and Drug Administration’s 510(k) premarket notification filing.

Why it works

Location, Location, Location

Memphis is one of the country’s epicenters for biomedical research and medical device manufacturing. It is also home to leading hospitals and major medical device manufacturers, including Medtronic, Smith & Nephew and Wright Medical. This makes Memphis an ideal environment to nurture startup medical device companies for success.

Top Notch Mentors

Mentorship is a critical factor in the success of startup companies. Our mentors are handpicked industry experts who have a wealth of experience to share and who have a vested interest in using their expertise to help our entrepreneurs succeed.


ZeroTo510 is backed by two experienced investment firms that provide seed capital for program participants. Innova Memphis and MB Venture Partners are venture capital firms with track records of investing in successful medical device companies. And, unlike many other programs, there’s an opportunity for follow-on funding based on the success of companies through Phase I.

How we can help


Still doubtful about whether you can do this? In many cases, we can help. Here’s how we help with some of the common problems that startup companies face. No more excuses!

I don’t have the money…

Upon acceptance, we provide a cash infusion of $50,000 – with an opportunity for more – to help you realize your dream!


I’m a great surgeon/engineer/tecnician, but don’t know the first thing about marketing/sales/finance…

We team you up with a couple of mentors with great hands-on, industry experience to fill in the gaps!


The FDA process is just too daunting…

We have relationships with great FDA consultants that will explain the process and help you navigate the murky regulatory waters

I have no space to start a company…

We provide you with space in our incubator facility and provide lab space to tinker in as well as a desk, a phone, Internet


I don’t have the time that it would take to do this…

Thanks to our innovative program, we can get you to an FDA filing in less time than you could possibly do so on your own.


I don’t have access to design/engineering to create a prototype…

We can help you get access to design and manufacturing resources to help get your prototype created – fast!